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A Tale of Two Cities:

For decades, residents of Portland and Lviv have nurtured informal ties through avenues such as travel, business, art, and culture. The discussion of formalizing this relationship began in 2006.

In 2006, a delegation from Lviv, comprising representatives from the city government, non-profits, and the business sector, embarked on a visit to Portland through a USAID program centered on "Energy Efficiency," facilitated by the World Affairs Council of Oregon (now known as WorldOregon, accessible at Over the course of three weeks, the program encompassed meetings with City of Portland officials, tours highlighting green energy projects and installations, as well as cultural and nature excursions, fostering enduring relationships and friendships that persist to this day.

This engagement evolved over subsequent years, marked by significant milestones:


A Portland host from the 2006 Lviv delegation embarked on an exchange visit to Lviv and the Lviv region.


Representatives from the Lviv City administration returned to Portland for a follow-up visit, engaging in meetings with Portland Mayor Tom Potter and other city officials.


A representative from Portland's IT sector journeyed to Lviv to connect with local IT developers and members of the 2006 Lviv delegation.


A delegation from Ukraine, including members of Parliament (Verkhovna Rada), regional and local legislative councils, visited Portland as part of a USAID program focused on "Good Governance," facilitated by the World Affairs Council of Oregon (now WorldOregon).


Lviv members of the 2006 delegation warmly welcomed one of their Portland hosts at Lviv City Hall.


The Portland City Council formally declared Lviv as an official Friendship City.


Board members of the Portland-Lviv Friendship City Association journeyed to Lviv for meetings with City of Lviv administration officials. The visit encompassed reunions with members of the 2006 and 2017 delegations and a tour of the Unbroken rehabilitation center.

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